Deborah Foss Deborah Foss is a Certified Kripalu Facilitator, Yoga, and Meditation Teacher, and Bodyworker with over 25 years of experience.

Deborah earned her MBA in Health Care Management from Boston University and worked for a variety of health care nonprofits and the public sector for several years before discovering yoga. She went to Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, MA for a retreat and was immediately hooked. Two years later, she quit her job and moved to Kripalu where she became a yoga teacher, program director, facilitator, and massage therapist. After ten years, she moved to Albany, NY to become executive director of the Albany Kripalu Yoga Center.

She also attended a weekend workshop at Laughter Yoga NYC (https://laughteryoganyc.org/) in Manhattan, NY, where she received her certification.

Deborah now teaches a variety of yoga styles for a diverse population throughout the Capital District. She has classes for the general public, as well as for those in assisted living facilities and people with Parkinson’s Disease. In addition, she conducts public work shops and does private sessions for Mind↔Body Dialog, an experiential healing technique.

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"She is an amazing practitioner! Acutely sensitive, she helps you tune into your inner sensations and thoughts so that the first steps toward healing can begin. With repeated sessions you grow more and more in touch with your own inner knowing and confident about what steps to take to heal your life. Highly recommended!"
Susan E. Oringel, Ph.D., a NYS licensed psychologist for 36 years